DIY Farmhouse Bed – Full Version

Working on a full size version of the rustic farmhouse bed that’s lately been getting a lot of traction.  Here’s a SketchUp model of the overall dimensions and I will soon have a detailed assembly schematic and cut list.  Since these take a little while to create, I wanted to go ahead and get an overview out there for the more ambitious folks who have been asking. Continue reading

Baked Pear with Red Wine Glaze


I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut with having my raspberries for Date Night desserts.  Judging by the constant sale on them at the local Publix, you’d think they were in season all year long!  But it’s time to force myself to start exploring something new for desserts.  So for the most recent Date Night, I still stayed with the theme of roasted fruits & ice cream by having a roasted bosc pear with a red wine glaze.  While I usually associate pears with a fall dessert, this one will probably make it’s way into my spring repertoire quite a few more times! Continue reading

Date Night Dinner: Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

One of my newest food obsessions this spring is cauliflower.  On a recent visit to The Olive Branch, I had their roasted cauliflower for an appetizer and it could’ve easily been an entreé in and of itself!  I’ve been looking for good meat substitutes that have enough density to make me feel like I’m eating something hearty and cauliflower, especially when roasted with some spices definitely makes the cut.  It’s like a vegetable steak!   Continue reading

How to Embed Interactive Calculations in Adobe PDF Documents

So I’m the poster child for writing niche content these days!  Here’s another one for those of you who want to put interactive calculators in your PDF documents, but need some more advanced functionality than basic arithmetic functions.  Like, who would read this stuff anyway?? Continue reading

Creating a “Torn Paper” Frame Effect in InDesign


One of the recent issues that I ran into with InDesign is that the program doesn’t have the same brushes and advanced masking capabilities that Photoshop does so when it comes to creating a document element like an object frame that looks like it was made from torn paper, InDesign presents us with some challenges.

Continue reading

Who is a Refugee and How Did They Get Here?

Ran across this infographic from World Relief that is really helpful in understanding the process by which a refugee gets to the U.S.  It’s also important to be clear about who, exactly, is a refugee versus, say, an illegal alien or an internally displaced person, or an asylum seeker or a migrant.  Each term has a specific meaning (with an associated legal status).  When engaging in conversations about the current global refugee crisis, it’s important to define the terms since there’s a tremendous amount of mis-information that’s being fueled by the media.  Continue reading