A walk around the neighborhood

My busyness, whether that which comes with life’s seasons or that which I bring upon myself, robs me of my wonder and my joy.  What I know with my head isn’t always consistent with what I do with my time, too often frittering it away as I confuse activity with effectiveness.  I know this is true and I see the folly, but why don’t I translate that knowledge into the action of proaction, of margin and space, of quiet and reflection?  I think that for me, there are several answers to the question and as these thoughts percolate in my mind, ideas gradually become coherent.  There is much there, but it is still mostly hidden from me, like these roots. Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Canvas

I just uploaded a new video to YouTube on making a canvas, specifically a gallery wrap canvas.  This is the first video I made, but it’s just the middle part of the process that I shot for a complete painting.  I’m going to try to get to a video on the building of the frame which is easy and cheap if you do it yourself, then the whole process of priming it and then, maybe, painting the whole picture.  For small canvases I recommend going to the local art store and buying one, but for the larger ones, you can definitely save money making them yourselves, assuming you have the tools. Continue reading

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A Collection of Premiere Pro and After Effects Training Resources

As part of my series on “How I Went from Knowing Nothing About Adobe Premiere and After Effects to Producing a Client Video in 2 Weeks” I consulted a lot of videos and training resources as I attempted a crash course in Adobe video production. Continue reading

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Creating a “Flicker On” Effect in After Effects

I’m going to compile this and several other posts into a series I’m calling “How I Went from Knowing Nothing About Adobe Premiere and After Effects to Producing a Client Video in 2 Weeks.”  How’s that for a short, catchy title?  Since this effect was the last item I did in the video, I’m going to lead off with this one (and reorganize later!).  If you prefer this as a video tutorial, just scroll down to the very bottom of the post. Continue reading

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3 Superb Books & a Classic

If you’re looking for some good reads this fall, here are some great books that I’ve recently read: Continue reading

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New T-Shirt Designs

I’ve found myself in the t-shirt designing business again lately, which has been fun!  The first design was on a short timeframe (i.e. a day) for a company sponsored walk for the American Diabetes Association, so all I had to work with is that we needed a design on a red t-shirt for the walk and then give extras away to customers.  The second one is our entry in a design contest for the youth group winter retreat.  The winner gets to go on the retreat for half price, so hopefully we’ve got a shot at it. Continue reading

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself

If you’re in business and dealing with customers, here are 5 questions to ask yourself next time you think you’ve come up with the solution to your latest problem:

  1. What customers will be affected by your new solution and how?
  2. How will your solution ultimately be cost effective?
  3. Who wins when you implement your solution?
  4. Will your solution communicate empathy and build trust?
  5. What behaviors will your solution require your customers to change?

And the last is a freebie… Is your solution worth it?

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Latest Painting: Aspen Grove

Just completed my own riff on the awesome paintings by Melissa Graves Brown (who is so much better than I’ll ever be!).  I guess it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  I love the vibrancy of the colors and the dreamy atmosphere.  Oil on canvas.

Aspen Grove Continue reading

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How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Hosting Provider in 4 Easy Steps

I’ve recently decided, after several years at another hosting provider, to move this website to Bluehost.  I’ve hosted a number of websites at Bluehost for various purposes, but just never got around to actually moving my personal blog until now.  This post will walk you through the 4 steps to move your site! Continue reading

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Stuff to Remember About Vacationing in Destin

The family just got back in town after a fun vacation and while I was there, I promised myself to make some notes about the things I want to be sure an remember for the next time we get to head down there. Continue reading

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