Tips to Make a Great Podcast (Part #3)

Welcome to the #3 installment of this series of posts on creating and posting podcasts to your WordPress website!  Thanks for visiting.

Before doing anything, you will want to give some thought to what your podcast will be about.  You can do whatever you want, but I suggest that you keep your podcasts short (20-30 minutes) and focused on a particular topic.  If you talk about too many different things in one podcast, you are likely to have fewer listeners and even fewer subscribers.

If you are new to podcasts, start out by writing down what your going to say so you can read it when you record yourself.  This will help you get comfortable recording your voice and reduce the “ums” and “ahs” when your talking.  It will also help to keep you on your topic.

If you are doing an interview with your friends or are going to be talking with others in a group setting, be sure to plan beforehand who’s going to say what.  You don’t have to plan every last detail out, but doing some preparation before you start recording will make your podcast flow better and make it more fun for people to listen to.

If you are interviewing someone (like in my example running podcast), write down the questions that you will be asking and share those with the person you’re interviewing beforehand so they will have some time to think about their answers.

Have a plan for beginning and ending.  This is so important!  Having a beginning and ending that is crisp and to the point can make the difference between a good podcast and a great podcast.  Again, write it down so that you won’t hesitate and make your introduction and ending drawn out and boring.  Keep your listeners in mind.  People want you to get to the point and podcasts that have an interesting topic and stick to the point get lots of listeners.  Long-winded and pointless podcasts don’t!

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