How to Convert a GoToMeeting Recording into an MP4 (for Windows)

This post is really a reminder to myself of how to go through this process!  Here’s the situation…

We use GoToMeeting (and GoToWebinar) to host and record webinars for clients on a regular basis.  Then I upload webinar recordings to Vimeo or YouTube for folks to view if they weren’t on the call.  There’s a setting on GoToMeeting control panel that will allow you to specify the recording format… either the G2M proprietary format (what I don’t want) or a Windows Media format (which I do want!). 

Please note that I’ve also added some updated info for Windows 7 users that you can view here.  But please, read this first!

YouTube and Vimeo don’t much like the codecs that G2M uses.  The proprietary G2M format won’t work at all and the codec they use for Windows Media doesn’t work that well either.  So I use Any Video Converter to convert the recordings to an MP4 format.  Problem is that Any Video Converter won’t convert the G2M proprietary format.  Ever seen this error?

Ever seen this error when trying to convert a video in Any Video Converter? Drives me crazy!

So, I change settings to save as a .WMV file and the convert to .MP4 and upload.  Life is good.  Problem is that for some reason, the settings revert back to the G2M porprietary codec… I’m thinking this has something to do with our corporate network, but it’s a pain and I don’t find out until after the recording is done and I’m trying to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

You can tell if the video is in the proprietary format if, when you add the video to Any Video Converter, the format reads “G2M4.”

So I searched around and finally found a way to convert the proprietary G2M format to a standard Windows Media format.  It’s kind of a pain, but it’s better than the alternative!  And to give credit where credit is due, I’m basically reiterating the instructions that you can find on the Any Video Converter website.  I just have a tendency to forget where I find things, so that’s why I’m repeating the instructions here.

Here are the steps:

1.  Download and install the GoToMeeting codec from the GoToMeeting website.

Once you do that, go to C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\723 and copy the files g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll to the root of your C: drive.

Copy the g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll to your C: drive

Copy your recorded video (the one that’s in the proprietary G2M format) to the root or yoru C: drive, where you also have the g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll.

Launch the command prompt using Start>Run> and type cmd in the dialog box:

If the command prompt doesn’t have C:\, then get to the root by typing “cd..” until you get there or if you’re in another drive, type C: and that will put you in the root of the C: drive.

Now, type the following command:

c:\g2mtranscoder.exe source=c:\NAME-OF-YOUR-VIDEO-FILE.wmv

This will start the conversion, but you won’t get any kind of notification.  You can check to see if it’s working by opening your Task Manager and sorting by CPU Usage.  You’ll see the file right at, or somewhere near, the top.

Task Manager sorted by CPU usage

This can take a while depending on your computer and the size of the file. Most of my webinars are 20-30 minutes long and the conversion takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (go figure!).

Once the process is over, your file will be converted and replaced in the C:\ drive.  Again, you won’t see any sign that anything has happened until you import into Any Video Converter.  Then you’ll see that the format has changed from G2M4 to WMV3 indicating a successful conversion.

From that point, convert the video to the format that you want and upload to your video sharing platform of choice.

If this helped you out, please drop me a note and let me know!  And also, if you’re using Windows 7, you may want to have a look here for some updated info.


39 thoughts on “How to Convert a GoToMeeting Recording into an MP4 (for Windows)

  1. Jennifer Cattel

    I have tried this process for days. The Go To Meeting files are in a WMA/V file. When I try to convert the files the “recordings You need to convert comes up with no options. I have tried putting the files into the specific folder but then they list the webinars as already converted. I am trying to upload these videos to Vimeo but with WMV format I receive an error message. I have tried every conversion software I can find and still nothing. I am at a loss….any suggestions?

  2. Daniel

    hi, i was trying to convert the g2m file by the steps you described above, however i was entering some problem.. The error is “g2mtranscoder.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”..
    Can you please help to sort out this issue???

  3. Kevin

    Hi, just a small FYI. In command prompt, the command

    cd ..

    will change to the parent directory (‘up’ one level). Instead of repeating that command until you get to the root (i.e. c:\), you can accomplish it in a single operation:

    cd \


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  6. Bohus

    In the latest version (v6.4.2 Build 1669) this will not work.
    But there is now better way – now there is GUI! Just to run c:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\GoToMeeting\1669\g2mtranscoder.exe and I will be able to convert your recordings. No command line is needed.

  7. Alexander

    Thanks a lot. I spent half a day trying to view go2meeting webinar recording on my Mac. I tried VLC, Flip4Mac (wasted 6 bucks). Nothing worked. The only PC I have is a home server which I access via TeamViewer.

    This solution worked fine for me, but as far as I discovered it’s better not to use the root directory (c:\) as in some cases it’s protected. In my case the transcoding failed when i tried the root, but succeeded when I moved all files to another folder.

    Thanks again.

  8. Susan Weiner

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I was despairing of how to convert my GoToWebinar file to mp4 when I found your recommendation of Any Video Converter. I just converted a short GoToWebinar wmv file to mp4 with very little pain. I hope to have a similar experience when I try this on a longer file.

  9. Akos

    Thank you for this tutorial Ed.
    It didn’t work on one of our PCs, but worked on the laptop that we used to record the session in the first place.

    It’s a shame that paying customers of Citrix have to result to such ‘tricks’ to use their own materials.

  10. Bruno Simões

    GREAT POST. After a lot of attempts, followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.
    It was surprisingly fast considering the comments i was reading here… maybe around 20min for a 65min video!

    Following up, G2W has an option in preferences which automatically converts the video after recording. I guess I should have checked that before recording and saving me some trouble.


  11. Stefan

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  12. Saul carpenter

    I am aware of this method . My i/p files are > 400mb. It give me an ETA > 7 hrs. Not acceptable. I ‘d like to push these G2M4 files into my android device. Is there any player out there that can play G2M4 natively or with some tweak so this conversion isn’t needed.
    If you’ve found one – pl reply.
    That is the needle I am looking for in this haystack of discussion

  13. Dylan

    THANK YOU! The whole time I’m doing this I’m thinking… this isn’t going to work, this isn’t going to work… and long behold! Ta-Da!

    This saved quite a few hours for my business. I really appreciate it!

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  15. Janie Coffey

    Hello and thank you, I just converted and successfully updated a gotomeeting video to vimeo. My only question is, the video is very low quality/res. I am wondering if I have to change some settings at some point in this process for a cleaner video. I have to do about 20 1-2 hour training videos (kill me now for not knowing to make that one change within the gotomeeting settings). Any suggestion would be very helpful.

  16. Ethan Lippman

    Dude, I love you – thank you so much!!!!

    If anyone needs help with this, shoot me an Email and I’d be happy to trouble shoot. it took me a few tries but I finally got it – errors to look for

    1) keep in mind your root is not necessarily the c: level root, for example, mine was C:\Users\elippman

    2) Make sure you put the transcoder in that folder (mentioned baove) and when you look for your videos, those too may not be in the root c: for me they were in

    3) After the transcoder ran (which I knew was running by checking task manager and also my fan kicked up a notch) I converted the file into an MP4 format using VLC ( )

    I hope this helps, feel free to shoot me a message if you need assistance.

    Thanks again!!!

    1. Scorpio

      Hi Ethan,

      I Tried putting the files (g2mtranscoder.exe, g2m.dll and .wmv) in C: drive root and ran it, it run around 1.5 hour for a 1 hour file .. and kept running.
      I guess it was not working so I killed the process from task manager.

      How long should it take for a 186 Mb file that is just 1 hour long ?

      What should I do now?

      I am really desperate to do this as I need lot of stuff on my android tablet for my studies.

      Anil C.

  17. Mark

    Thanks for the info. But when I run g2mtranscoder.exe and then open the file in AVC it is still is G2M4 format. I followed the steps exactly and watched g2mtranscoder running in Task Manager, but it didn’t covert it to wmv. Any idea why or another way to do it?

    This has been driving me nuts for a while now! Any help would be greatly appreciated


      1. Ed Post author

        Make sure that you’re using the g2mtranscoder from the correct build. Especially if you’ve been using GoToMeeting for a while and have several upgrades. I did an updated post for Windows 7 that might help address some questions. You can link to it here.

  18. Stenio Ramos

    oh god, i’ve finally found the solution on your post.
    thank you so much!!!
    i used all the converter, but nothing worked before.

  19. Frank

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to post this. It helped me out.

    One has to wonder why Citrix make this so difficult. Wanting to record a webinar and publish it on a website is not exactly an unreasonable requirement 🙂




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