DIY Farmhouse Bed – Full Version

Working on a full size version of the rustic farmhouse bed that’s lately been getting a lot of traction.  Here’s a SketchUp model of the overall dimensions and I will soon have a detailed assembly schematic and cut list.

The full size box spring and mattress combo measures 54″ x 75″ so both the width and length of the original queen version change.  This is a standard full sized bed measurement, but variations do exist!  Be sure to measure your box spring and mattress and adjust the plan accordingly if necessary.

Because of the thinner header and footer (@ 59″ wide), I used 8 1×8 panels, but because they don’t divide evenly to the appropriate width for a full bed, the two end panels need to be trimmed down to 4 1/4”.  Remember nominal sizes vs. actual sizes… the nominal size of a 1×8 is actually 7 1/4” wide.

Also, note that the length of the bed rails is 77” instead of 82” for the queen & king.  That also changes the bed rail construction, particularly the “shelf” holding the 6 supporting 2×4 slats.  Cut a bridle joint 3 inches from each end then space the slat joints 10″ to evenly space them.

You can access a Sketchup model of the full version and I’ve also created a downloadable plan for purchase.  You can, of course, use the queen bed detailed post and just modify the dimensions.

Thanks for visiting and I’d love to hear your feedback.  If you want to have a look at some other customer projects, check out my Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Bed – Full Version

    1. Ed Post author

      I don’t right now, but I’m working on one. I’ve had several folks ask that, so I’m about halfway through rendering it.

    2. Keith DeBelius

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the full version pdf. It is well laid out, very helpful and well worth the $. Thanks also for making the SketchUp version available, also helpful and I’ve referred to it several times.

      A couple comments on things I encountered along the way. Pine 2x and 4x lumber is apparently just not available in the Southern California area. Used Douglas Fir instead. Picked through lots and lots of boards to find “the chosen” and even those are a bit unruly.

      The design team (my wife) and I went through a bit of a reevaluation regarding where to place the bed rails – height wise that is. Seems like she is planning to use one of those new fangled memory-foam matresses that do not require a box spring. Fortunately, we ended up with a position just clearing the original height of the footer posts, which of course I had already cut by the time the debate broke out.

      One minor inconsistency in the Hardware and Supplies on p. 4: I just had a call from the Design Team who is at Lowes reporting “unable to find the 5/16 in. x 5-1/2 in. screws.” Turns out that they are 5/16 in. x 5-1/8 in. Not a bit deal, just confused the Design Team.

      Thanks again for making this available!


    1. Ed Post author

      I will be putting a copy of this plan together soon since I’ve had a couple requests. It got put on the back burner due to a couple other projects.

  1. Toni Silverthorn

    Do you have a cut list yet? And more detailed, step by step plans for the full size (double)? Are there plans for a trundle for with this? thanks for your help. I am working on a double (full) size farmhouse bed now and want to have a trundle with it. (only a single trundle). I am wondering the heights for the side rails to be positioned on the head and foot boards to accommodate a trundle.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Also you can send plans to my email…

    1. Ed Post author

      So sorry for the late reply! I’ve been a little out of pocket. I have not put together the cut list for the full sized version, but your comment put that back on the radar screen. The height from the floor to the bottom of the bedrail in this version of the plan is 7″, but that can be easily modified to accommodate a trundle.


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