Making a Garden Pathway: Day 4

I kicked off another weekend by putting a few hours in on my pathway.  I’m continuing to make slow but deliberate progress!  I’ve made a few decisions that have changed my original plan.  First, I decided that I really don’t like the flagstone in the pathway and I plan to repurpose it to build some stairs and a veranda next to the patio by the big rocks.  Also, I decided that I really don’t like the bright white pea gravel as much as I’d like a more brown color.  Lastly, I’ve decided that the pea gravel by itself rolls around a bit too much, so I want a bed of crushed gravel to create more of a substantial base so that the gravel locks together more!


That’s the benefit of working on the project a little bit at a time!  The path area will ultimately need 3 yards of gravel to finish the project.  So far, I have only spread one yard of the white pea gravel, so I’m still in good shape.  My old pickup can only handle a half-yard of gravel per run and so I made a couple runs to get crushed gravel instead and mixed that in with the white creating a pretty good base.  I can already tell that it’s much more firm than it was when walking on it and particularly when rolling a full wheelbarrow over it.  The brown has toned down the white and confirmed that I really want to use the brown gravel as my top layer.  That will take me two more loads… hopefully just one more weekend!




I also moved all the flagstone to the side and I like the clean pathway much better!  I think that the flagstone will make a really cool stairway built into the ground leading up the hill and I’m planning on tackling that one as soon as I get the pathway done.  Things are really shaping up and I can already imagine sitting out there on fall weekend evenings with a fire pit and some rustic outdoor furniture!  I know it’s pretty bare now while I’m in construction mode, but in my mind I can see it lined with a variety of flowers, flowering bushes and herbs and illuminated in the evening with soft outdoor lighting.

Got some ideas or thoughts?  I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Making a Garden Pathway: Day 4

  1. Frank Orienter

    I just found your plans for a movable workbench on the ketchup warehouse and got to your website through a somewhat convoluted path in order to print it out. Thanks for such a thorough job in laying out the project. Although I will modify it slightly, I wish everyone would put as much detail in their work as you have. Thanks very much for your effort.

    1. Ed Post author

      Thanks for the note Frank! I just built a smaller modified version myself for a moveable table for my drill press and plan to post that soon. I appreciate your stopping by!


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