Kendal Extra Wide Dresser Plans

After way too much time, I’ve finally compiled and released a downloadable project plan for the Kendal Extra Wide Dresser project.  You can access the plan page from any one of the blog posts or you can go straight there from here.  Star Wars Legos are not included… sorry!

2 thoughts on “Kendal Extra Wide Dresser Plans

  1. Clinton Koth

    We paid for your plans for the Kendal extra wide dresser. We are not able to read the dimensions. They are all out of focus. Even when we look on the download and enlarge the page the numbers are still out of focus. Not able to use the plans as they are.

    1. Ed Post author

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention & I’m sorry! It looks like my delivery system compressed the file and made the images fuzzy. I am uploading a new high res plan now and will send you a new download email shortly. Please let me know that you were able to download and read the images and measurements.


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