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How to Embed Interactive Calculations in Adobe PDF Documents

So I’m the poster child for writing niche content these days!  Here’s another one for those of you who want to put interactive calculators in your PDF documents, but need some more advanced functionality than basic arithmetic functions.  Like, who would read this stuff anyway?? Continue reading

Creating a “Torn Paper” Frame Effect in InDesign


One of the recent issues that I ran into with InDesign is that the program doesn’t have the same brushes and advanced masking capabilities that Photoshop does so when it comes to creating a document element like an object frame that looks like it was made from torn paper, InDesign presents us with some challenges.

Continue reading

Email List Building with WordPress, MailMunch and MailChimp


Want to know the actual mechanics of building your email list with downloadable content? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This lesson will walk you through exactly how the process can work for you on your website!  A warning is in order though… we’re going to dive deep into the weeds and go over all the details on getting this set up. Continue reading

Content Marketing for Financial Advisors: So, You Want to Send A Survey…

Survey Graphic

Do you think you know your customer?  Think again!  One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is assuming that you know who your customer is and what they want.  The fundamental cornerstone of any content marketing strategy, regardless of the industry, is delivering value to your prospects and clients, but how do you know what’s valuable to them?  The obvious answer, but the one that is widely ignored, is to ask them. Continue reading

Content Marketing for Financial Advisors: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

According to LinkedIn, financial professionals are among the most active groups of LinkedIn users. Chances are that you already have a LinkedIn profile, but chances are also pretty good that it’s not optimized for professional contacts with potential clients and referral sources. Continue reading

Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

Many financial services professionals shy away from online marketing and one of the reasons I often hear is that they are sales people, not technology people.  I work with financial advisors every day, it almost seems like it’s a point of pride to be ignorant of technology.  I’m a GenXer so I can understand, even if I don’t agree, with the old school perspective, but consumer preferences are rapidly changing and those who are willing to look at where the financial services business is going (as opposed to where it’s been) will be the clear winners in the future. You can stay old school and keep putting that ad in the newspaper, but if you’re not capitalizing on the technology that connects with today’s consumers, you will struggle to attract and retain new clients, particularly GenX, Y and Millennial clients who represent the future of your business (and your revenues!) for years to come.   Continue reading

How I Built the World’s Worst Website and Still Made $1,500


You’ve got to be kidding right?  Why would anyone want to read about this?  I mean, last month alone, Pat Flynn made almost $120,000 so who cares about a measly $1,500?  Most people think that ‘www’ stand for World Wide Web, but I have a special URL where it stand for World’s Worst Website.  Here’s the start of my story. Continue reading

Creating a “Flicker On” Effect in After Effects

I’m going to compile this and several other posts into a series I’m calling “How I Went from Knowing Nothing About Adobe Premiere and After Effects to Producing a Client Video in 2 Weeks.”  How’s that for a short, catchy title?  Since this effect was the last item I did in the video, I’m going to lead off with this one (and reorganize later!).  If you prefer this as a video tutorial, just scroll down to the very bottom of the post. Continue reading