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The Wise and Faithful Servant: A Meditation

We’re continuing a study on the parables of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Luke and once again, last week it was my turn to teach a lesson on Luke 12:35-48, which is a short passage, but a surprisingly challenging one!  Depending on your version of the Bible, you might have a heading before this section that reads “You Must Be Ready” (or something similar) or maybe one that says “The Faithful Servant & the Evil Servant”.   So let’s jump right in and study this passage….

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My Friend Viktor

For a few weeks now, I’ve been looking forward to hosting a missionary from Kyrgyzstan on his travels through the U.S.  Each time we’ve had the opportunity to open our home, it’s been an incredible blessing.  The anticipation leading up to these visits excites my heart and is only matched in intensity by the sense of longing I experience afterwards!  So it is with Christian fellowship, foreshadowing the hope we have for the eternal community awaiting us at the end of this present age. Continue reading

A Personal Take on the Refugee Crisis, Part 2

Visiting Clarkston, Georgia was not only an eye opening experience, but a heart opening one as well.  After our morning introduction to Global Frontier Missions and their work training and equipping missionary candidates for cross-cultural ministry, we headed to the local office of World Relief, a non-profit organization which provides humanitarian aid, disaster and emergency relief through assistance programs to victims of poverty, disease, hunger, war, disasters and persecution. Continue reading

Don’t Throw That Old Christmas Tree Away!

Make a lenten cross with it!  We started this as a family tradition a number of years ago and it’s become woven into the fabric of our holiday seasons.  I love the continuity of celebrating Advent and Christmas with our Christmas tree, decorated with years of family ornaments, then using that same tree through the season of lent leading up to Easter as a reminder of the reason that we celebrate. Continue reading

A Personal Take on the Refugee Crisis, Part 1

So what’s this refugee thing really all about?  To find out the answer to that question, a group of us travelled to Clarkston, Georgia to see and hear first hand about this “refugee crisis” from several different perspectives.  The first was from Global Frontier Missions, a missionary training organization tucked away in a nondescript basement of one of the many apartment complexes tightly packed into this community.  After a brief tour of the facility, we sat down and talked about the history and mission of GFM. Continue reading

“I am a woman troubled in spirit”

I woke up early again this morning, my sleep fleeting and evasive.  It’s still dark, peaceful and quiet outside, contrasting with the turmoil in my soul.  The floor is cold on my bare feet as I slip quietly down the stairs, into the kitchen.  The gurgling of the coffee pot sounds louder than it should and any light, no matter how faint, is too bright. Continue reading

Listening to God

Listen-and-you-will-hear-His-voiceI woke up this morning at 3 o’clock to the sound of a thunderstorm.  As I laid in dark, listening to the sound of the rain drone on, my current struggles and anxieties began rolling around in my mind like the thunder outside and I questioned God, “what do you want me to do?”  I go there too fast, thinking that there must be some answer, some thing that I can do to alleviate the trials that I’m experiencing.  I’m so quick to speak, so fast to pull the trigger.  Fire, ready, aim…   Continue reading