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The Wise and Faithful Servant: A Meditation

We’re continuing a study on the parables of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Luke and once again, last week it was my turn to teach a lesson on Luke 12:35-48, which is a short passage, but a surprisingly challenging one!  Depending on your version of the Bible, you might have a heading before this section that reads “You Must Be Ready” (or something similar) or maybe one that says “The Faithful Servant & the Evil Servant”.   So let’s jump right in and study this passage….

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Who is a Refugee and How Did They Get Here?

Ran across this infographic from World Relief that is really helpful in understanding the process by which a refugee gets to the U.S.  It’s also important to be clear about who, exactly, is a refugee versus, say, an illegal alien or an internally displaced person, or an asylum seeker or a migrant.  Each term has a specific meaning (with an associated legal status).  When engaging in conversations about the current global refugee crisis, it’s important to define the terms since there’s a tremendous amount of mis-information that’s being fueled by the media.  Continue reading

New (& Free) PrayerDevotion App

Prayer Devotion AppI’m pretty excited that my son Jon just had our PrayerDevotion App approved in the App Store!  We’ve been working on this one for quite a while.  The concept is simple: a prayer journal app for the iPhone to keep up with all the things that I’ve told people that I’d pray for with every great intention, but poor execution. Continue reading

Walking Around Birmingham

I was talking with my neighbor from California the other day and he was remarking how there aren’t any good resources online to find out where to go walking around Birmingham.  In addition, he said that while he’s met lots of people from California who’ve moved to Birmingham (who knew?!) that there wasn’t any way to connect with them.  As anyone who’s “not from around here” knows, it can be challenging to plug into a community like Birmingham where it seems like all the insiders know each other and if you didn’t grow up here, you feel like a real outsider! Continue reading

A walk around the neighborhood

My busyness, whether that which comes with life’s seasons or that which I bring upon myself, robs me of my wonder and my joy.  What I know with my head isn’t always consistent with what I do with my time, too often frittering it away as I confuse activity with effectiveness.  I know this is true and I see the folly, but why don’t I translate that knowledge into the action of proaction, of margin and space, of quiet and reflection?  I think that for me, there are several answers to the question and as these thoughts percolate in my mind, ideas gradually become coherent.  There is much there, but it is still mostly hidden from me, like these roots. Continue reading