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Baked Pear with Red Wine Glaze


I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut with having my raspberries for Date Night desserts.  Judging by the constant sale on them at the local Publix, you’d think they were in season all year long!  But it’s time to force myself to start exploring something new for desserts.  So for the most recent Date Night, I still stayed with the theme of roasted fruits & ice cream by having a roasted bosc pear with a red wine glaze.  While I usually associate pears with a fall dessert, this one will probably make it’s way into my spring repertoire quite a few more times! Continue reading

Date Night Dinner: Balsamic Raspberry Dessert

Balsamic Raspberries and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

If ever I had a signature dessert, this would be it.  While I can’t claim total originality on using a balsamic reduction in a dessert dish, this is one riff that I haven’t run across yet, so it’s as close to it as I’ll probably ever get!  The balsamic reduction has hints of dark chocolate and wine and combined with roasted raspberries over frozen vanilla yogurt, this makes a truly unique and killer dessert. Continue reading