Below is a sampling of videos I’ve created as a kind of portfolio.  I’d love to help you with your next video project!  I also love to teach, so if you’re interested in knowing how I did some of the effects or motion graphics, feel free to leave me a comment.  If you’re interested in contacting me about a project, please shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to discuss it.

The important thing to remember about doing video for your business (particularly if you’re on a budget) is that you don’t have to settle for boring “talking heads” and PowerPoint slides.  None of the folks in my videos have any sort of acting experience whatsoever and all of them hate being in front of a camera.  But with some tools to help them through the shoot and a little bit of editing saavy, you can make effective videos yourself.  Add some basic motion graphics and some stock music footage, and your otherwise über-boring video can be interesting & share worthy!

Latest Project!

Below is my most recent project.  This is a promotional video to promote a client’s professional speaking business.

Call To Action Videos

This project was an appeal to our customers to participate in an on-line survey.  The objective here was to call the customer to action (i.e. complete the survey when they got it) and to keep the video short enough to deliver the message of what the survey was all about without boring them.

Specialty Services Videos

These are a good sampling of taking “talking head” video and adding some motion graphics to keep the presentation interesting.  We did a series of videos of our different departments, highlighting the value to the producer.  Here’s one for our Advanced Planning team and another for our Underwriting Team.  These were on a rotation on our website for a while.

and another for our Underwriting Team.  These were on a rotation on our website for a while.

Sponsorship Video

This video was designed to accompany a sponsorship kit used to raise sponsorship funds for First Protective’s events & scored big points for the “Cool Factor.”  This is long (like the promotional video), but has some real sizzle.  We raised a lot of money that year.  🙂

Promotional Videos

This is one that we sent out to prospective producers via DVD for a while as a recruiting tool.  It’s pretty long and best though of as an infomercial for the company.  It incorporates a number of interesting graphics and effects that keep the video moving.

A somewhat different and extended version of a promotional video:

 Testimonial Videos

We did a couple different versions of this based on the type of producer we were marketing to and I also used some of the content of this and the sponsorship video (above) to produce some separate agent testimonial videos for the website, such as this one:

And this one:

And this older one:

Training Videos

Here are a couple videos that are more motion graphic heavy rather than the corporate “talking head” videos.  This video was used to promote our Drop Ticket platform a while back and this video is an overview of our website for new producers.

Fund Raising Video

This video was produced for a fund raising event for a local non-profit child advocacy center.

Wedding Videos

Here’s a sampling of wedding videos.  This first one is a collection of highlights to accompany the ceremony video.

The second one is a musical score with highlight scenes.  I used this one as the DVD menu for a DVD of the ceremony.



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