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The Wise and Faithful Servant: A Meditation

We’re continuing a study on the parables of Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Luke and once again, last week it was my turn to teach a lesson on Luke 12:35-48, which is a short passage, but a surprisingly challenging one!  Depending on your version of the Bible, you might have a heading before this section that reads “You Must Be Ready” (or something similar) or maybe one that says “The Faithful Servant & the Evil Servant”.   So let’s jump right in and study this passage….

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Lost and Found

I’m writing this post on a pad of notebook paper.  I haven’t done that in a long time, but there’s a reason for it.  Recently I was waxing eloquently on my WordPress dashboard.  I was in the zone and it was pure genius.  The poetry of prose flowed and my mind glowed.  And then, in an instant (you of course guessed it), it was gone.  I hadn’t saved a draft periodically.  An amateur mistake.  And I know you know the feeling; like a deflated balloon. Continue reading