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DIY Emerson Dresser – How To Build

When building my Kendal Extra Wide Dresser, I was also simultaneously building another smaller Emerson 3 drawer dresser.  This classic dresser style is so versatile and can be used in just about any setting for either children or adults and is a great project for someone just getting into woodworking with maybe one or two previous projects under their belt.  While I stained the Kendal dresser for a more rustic look, my plan for the Emerson is to paint it white and give it to my daughter to compliment her multi-colored room!

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Rustic Farmhouse Bed – Reader Projects!

***Update***  I’m trying to get as many reader photos as I can up on my Facebook page, so check out https://www.facebook.com/edhart.me/ for other reader projects.  They look great!!! ***

I confess I’m a little late getting this post up, but I wanted to highlight one of my reader’s rustic farmhouse bed projects since it turned out so nice!  Ronnie was also the reader that inspired me to rework the original queen sized plan into a king size rustic bed plan. Continue reading

DIY Harbor View Desk & Hutch Knockoff Plan

Harbor View Desk Exploded

Now that I’ve gotten her windows replaced and room painted (lots of funky, girly colors), my daughter has been asking for a desk to do her school work. “This will be easy,” I thought, “a couple file cabinets and an old door on its side will be perfect!” Not exactly what she had in mind… ah, the difference between boys and girls… Continue reading

Build a Mega Spice Rack


I’ve been searching all over the place for a spice rack that can actually hold a bunch of spices.  I’m convinced that the spice rack manufacturers don’t actually cook anything, because if they did, they’d realize that the racks they make and sell at the big box retailers only hold about 25% of the spices any cook really has!  And that’s not counting all the duplicates I bought because I couldn’t see in the cabinet where they’ve all fallen over and rolled behind all the other stuff that was crammed in there! Continue reading

How to Build a Kendal Extra Wide Dresser: Cutting & Framing

I’m in the middle of a project to build my own modified version of Ana White’s Kendal Extra Wide Dresser.  Actually, I’m concurrently building 2 dressers at the same time, but that’s a story for another post!  In this post, I’ll cover cutting the wood and building the frame. Continue reading

How to Build a Kendal Extra Wide Dresser: Drawer Slides

Adding the drawer slides to the Kendal Extra Wide Dresser is a bit tedious, so I thought it warranted a post on it’s own.  It’s not particularly hard, but in my opinion it’s better to add the slides after assembling the frame so you can make any minor adjustments that are necessary.  But doing that does involve contorting yourself so you can measure, hold the slides in place and screw them in.  It would be really helpful if you have 3 hands for this step! Continue reading

How to Build an Extra Wide Kendal Dresser: Drawers

I am in the middle of building an adaptation of Ana White’s Kendal Extra Wide Dresser.  In this post, I’m constructing the drawers.  This dresser has 3 drawers along the top and 4 drawers below.  One of the changes I made in my version is to construct the drawer boxes out of 1/2″ plywood instead of 1x lumber.   Continue reading

Building a Moveable Workbench


While working on my recent Farmhouse Bed Project, I realized that I really needed a solid workbench.  I’ve been using an old door on a couple of saw horses, and that’s ok, but what would really be great is a large workbench that I could actually move around my “shop” as I’m building.  So at the risk of all the problems that arise when I’m trying to multi-task, I took on the project of building a workbench in the middle of my bed project. Continue reading